• Hopes will rise again!
    • 10:48 22/3

    NEWS CENTER – When I arrived in Elbistan and went to the five women who had gathered to bury their relatives in the cemetery, they said, ...

  • Amed Newroz: Solution 3rd way
    • 14:02 21/3

    AMED - Amed Newroz continues with the speeches of the participants. In the speeches demanding the freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, ...

  • Torch march led by women in Bazid
    • 13:31 21/3

    AGİRİ - Thousands of people gathered under the leadership of women to ignite the Newroz fire in Bazid and marched with torches.

  • Life stopped for Halabja
    • 15:31 16/3

    NEWS CENTER - Due to the anniversary of the Halabja Massacre, life stopped in Southern Kurdistan and Northern and Eastern Syria.

  • A new breath in the Free Press: Jin
    • 12:35 14/3

    ISTANBUL - The editor of the newspaper, Hicran Urun, commenting on the renewal of the New Life Women's Supplement and its weekly ...

  • March 8 around the world
    • 17:06 08/3

    NEWS CENTER - Thousands of women in Greece and Afghanistan demanded their rights that were usurped in the fields due to March 8th.

  • Call to night walk: come too
    • 16:57 08/3

    ISTANBUL - Women, for the 21st Feminist Night March to be held in Taksim, said, “We are on the streets tonight, with our anger and our ...

  • Aid blocked by Turkey was withdrawn
    • 14:44 16/2

    NEWS CENTER - The Autonomous Administration withdrew the aid convoy that had been waiting for 9 days after Turkey blocked the aid it sent ...

  • 150 days left in the rebellion
    • 15:03 13/2

    NEWS CENTER - Despite all the attacks and obstructions of the government, the "Jin jiyan azadi" rebellion in Iran and Rojhilat has left 150 ...

  • Hatay, debris, discrimination...
    • 11:22 13/2

    HATAY - One of the Syrians living in Hayat, one of the cities most affected by the earthquake, was asked where she was from while she was ...

  • Diaspora call for earthquake zones
    • 16:29 11/2

    NEWS CENTER - Diaspora Kurds living in Europe and their friends called for solidarity for the earthquake that took place in Kurdistan and ...