• Hunger strike on its 10th day
    • 10:21 06

    NEWS CENTER - The rotating hunger strike launched in prisons within the scope of the "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, political solution to ...

  • HEDEP Party Assembly was determined
    • 13:29 16/10

    ANKARA - HEDEP determined the members of the new Party Assembly, Central Disciplinary Board and Conciliation Board at the congress held.

  • State massacres from past to present
    • 14:11 18/9

    MÊRDÎN - The Republic of Turkey, which was founded on massacres, ended its first century with countless massacres. The Turkish Armed ...

  • 815th day in search of justice
    • 15:32 15/6

    RIHA - Şenyaşar family shared the message "The source of our courage comes from being right" on the 815th day of the Justice Watch.

  • HDP and Green Left Party CEB convened
    • 15:12 13/6

    ANKARA - HDP and Green Left Party CEB convened on the results of the one-week criticism and self-criticism meeting and the planning of the ...

  • Lawyers applied to go to Imrali
    • 14:45 06/6

    ISTANBUL - Asrın Law Office's lawyers applied to Bursa Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and İmralı Prison Directorate to meet with their ...

  • Hopes will rise again!
    • 10:48 22/3

    NEWS CENTER – When I arrived in Elbistan and went to the five women who had gathered to bury their relatives in the cemetery, they said, ...

  • Amed Newroz: Solution 3rd way
    • 14:02 21/3

    AMED - Amed Newroz continues with the speeches of the participants. In the speeches demanding the freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, ...

  • Torch march led by women in Bazid
    • 13:31 21/3

    AGİRİ - Thousands of people gathered under the leadership of women to ignite the Newroz fire in Bazid and marched with torches.