HEDEP started 25 November in front of Sincan Prison

  • 15:21 20 November 2023
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Melek Avcı
ANKARA - HEDEP Women's Assembly, which started the November 25 events in front of Sincan Prison Campus with the slogan "We are not giving up, we are everywhere", drew attention to the freedom struggle of political women prisoners in Sincan Prison.
Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP) Women's Assembly started the 25 November International Day of Struggle Against Violence Against Women in front of the Sincan Prison Campus, where the Kobane Case was heard, with the motto "We are not giving up, we are everywhere." In the statement, a banner titled "We Are Not Giving Up, We Are Everywhere" was included, while "We Are Not Giving Up" banners were carried. HEDEP MPs, HEDEP Ankara and Konya provincial organizations also attended the statement. The statement was made by Women's Assembly Spokesperson Halide Türkoğlu.
Judiciary systematizes male state violence
Halide, who said that they came to Sincan Prison as part of November 25, said that the reason they came here was to draw attention to how the Kobanê Case, in which political female prisoners were tried, and how the women's freedom struggle was attacked in Sincan Prison. Halide said, “Violence is a tool produced by male domination. Judicial violence also stands before us as the reality of this country. All of the trials held today in Xinjiang are attacks on the women's freedom struggle. Because those who wage the women's freedom struggle in this country, those who believe in the struggle for equality and those who want to weave an alternative life have never bowed down and will never bow down. The demands of female political prisoners are also our demands. The struggle for freedom that they defend today is the struggle that we all defend for the lives of women. On this day, which we commemorate as November 25, women will take to the streets, expose male-state violence and make efforts to ensure that their demands and words are echoed all over the world. We want to show here how systematic male-state violence has become through the judiciary today."
'Women continue to expose violence'
Reminding that November 25 is also the day of struggle against the male-state violence that women were subjected to by the Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s, Halide said, “What did the militarist forces of the Trujillo dictatorship do to the Mirabal Brothers? They committed violence against women and also tampered with the judicial process so that they would fall victim to an unsolved murder. After 63 years, women continue to expose male-state violence as they take to the streets every day, as well as systematized female political assassinations. "Women all over the world, in the person of the Mirabal Brothers, are fighting against fascism, racism, nationalism and discrimination and taking to the streets."
'The 22-year management style affected women's lives the most'
Emphasizing that the government, on the one hand, attacks the women's struggle for freedom, and on the other hand, wants to conduct politics through the obedient 'reasonable woman', Halide said: "Unfortunately, this policy turns into a form of politics that monopolizes violence. This policy is such that it is possible to say that it is implemented through discrimination in all institutions of the government today. Just as women all over the world, in the person of the Mirabal Sisters in the Dominican Republic, struggle and expose male state violence, they also continue to expose all institutions against the discriminatory male domination mentality of the governments. Why do we say this? It's just that the management style of the AKP-MHP government for more than 22 years has affected the lives of us women the most. Because it put sexism at the center of all institutions and usurped women's gains in every aspect. This turned into such a usurpation that it also turned into a management regime based on sexism. On the one hand, a one-man regime was built, and on the other hand, an ideology based on male domination was tried to be built while usurping all our institutions with the trustee regime in Kurdistan. When we consider it in this context, then violence also became a regime. With the form of politics produced by this government, it is based on discrimination, sexism, monism; He built a system based on nationalism and monism.”