Vigil in front of the EC against conspiracy

  • 11:29 28 September 2023
  • News
ANKARA - KCKD-E Co-Chair Zübeyde Zümrüt, who said that an operation will be launched with a vigil in front of the European Council on October 10, on the anniversary of the conspiracy against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, shared the information that actions will be held in 74 countries.
While it is the anniversary of the beginning of the international conspiracy against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who left Syria on October 9, 1998, not a single news has been received from İmralı Island for more than 30 months. While the absolute isolation on the PKK Leader is deepening, the countries involved in the conspiracy and their international institutions are silent in the face of absolute isolation. A move against this silence and for physical freedom has been launched both in Kurdistan and all over the world. KCKD-E Co-chair Zübeyde Zümrüt conveyed the European leg of these moves and the actions and events that will be held on October 9.
'A historical year must have historical exits'
Stating that the Kurdish people have been waging a very serious struggle for 25 years since October 9, Zübeyde said, “A serious struggle was waged against the conspiracy and to liberate the Leader. The Kurdish people, women, youth, and the whole people exhibited serious resistance. This year, October 9 is a very historical year for us. A historical year must have historical outputs. There are people who have not heard about what is happening on İmralı Island for 2 and a half years. Therefore, this year's October 9th is historical and an action and event will be carried out that may coincide with playing a historical role. The conspiracy was already foiled with its paradigm and philosophy. The Leader's Imrali resistance and struggle showed this, and on the other hand, the Kurdish people, women and youth foiled this with their own resistance and struggle. That's why, while organizing October 9 this year, there will be women-led marches and events in Europe. "We need to play our historical role in terms of participation and protecting it, because this year the move regarding the freedom of the Leader will be initiated."
'The freedom of the Leader was shouted all over'
Stating that this move regarding Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom was actually initiated, Zübeyde said, "The women's and general festivals held in many cities in Europe were festivals that could coincide with a move. In addition, in recent marches and events, all of them shouted for the Leader's freedom. But October 9th A historical role will be played in shouting out in the areas that the isolation is getting worse day by day and the lack of information, the fascism in Turkey, the state, the Imrali system and now the use of torture, serious organization and liberating the physical conditions of the Leader. As institutions in Europe, we have planned October 9 for a long time. Implementation of this planning is the duty and responsibility of all institutions, organizations and people. It is necessary to welcome October 9 strongly and to make a strong statement against the isolation in Europe, because this isolation and the handing over of the Leader to Turkey is not a decision taken only by Turkey. We live in the center that imposes the isolation, so these people do not accept this isolation, the suffocation of the Kurds, and the isolation of their own leaders, whom the people say is 'my will', neither humanely, legally nor conscientiously."
Start of action in 74 countries on the 74th year
Emphasizing that the place of struggle for physical freedom will be in the fields from now on, Zübeyde said: “The only place to answer this will be in the fields, streets, and mass participation from now on. Kurds have an organized power in Europe, we will go to areas related to this. Kurds will take to the streets no matter what corner of Europe, and basically the world. We have planned this and we are working on it. All our organized structures were mobilized to carry out result-bearing actions and events. There is currently a serious effort to liberate the Leader with the spirit of mobilization. There will be marches in the countries, there will be rallies as a result of the marches, and friends of the Kurds from Europe will attend. In the coming period, a move will be launched for the freedom of the Leader. We will start one of these moves on October 10 in Strasburg, not only in Strasburg; The leadership turns 74 and we are organizing it in 74 places.
4-day protest with 500 people in front of the Council of Europe
While we are organizing this, we will announce the move on October 10. In order to start the move regarding the freedom of the leadership, those in the Diaspora will mobilize in four parts of Kurdistan and all over the world, and many actions and events will be carried out 24 hours a day, to include the masses, to include different segments and to wage a legal struggle for this. On October 10, we will hold a vigil in Strasbourg with 500 people and we will carry out the 4-day action in front of the Council of Europe. We will sit there. That day, the entire European Council is already working to make our voices heard, and we will protest once again with the message 'Do not be a party to the crime in Turkey, you cannot break the ties of the Kurds and the Leader'. We will sit at an important point in saying that this is one message, and the whole world needs to hear this one message. The eyes of the world will be on it, and we, as the people and the Kurds, will liberate the Leader together with our institutional structures for the freedom of the Leader.”