A campaign will be launched for Abdullah Öcalan

  • 09:29 12 September 2023
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Dilan Babat - Melek Avcı 
ANKARA - Green Left Party Adana Deputy Tülay Hatimoğulları said that the campaign they will launch in the coming days for PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has not been heard from for 30 months, is not only about the lifting of the isolation but also about the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.
Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) held their big conference with the motto "To Freedom through Change" at Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center on 10-11 September. After the conference attended by 800 delegates and in the light of the suggestions and criticisms received from the series of meetings initiated locally, the conference ended with important decisions.
Green Left Party Adana Deputy Tülay Hatimoğulları made evaluations about the conference they held and the campaign they will launch against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan in the coming period.
'The collapse plan is still active'
Drawing attention to the importance of the conference they held as the Green Left Party, Tülay noted that their greatest hope in these conferences was to stand on a line of total resistance against the political process that society is going through. Tülay said, “One of our main topics is the issue of isolation. The issue of isolation: We cannot handle the one-man regime that Turkey is in independently of the fascist dictator regime. We have seen that in this regime change, the AKP government actually continues its traditional state policy with the same mentality regarding the Kurdish issue. After the Dolmabahçe agreement, the plan to subvert the Kurdish people is still active in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and four parts of Kurdistan. "Part of this is the intense pressure in prisons and the Imrali isolation."
'The aim of the campaign is Öcalan's physical freedom'
Stating that prisons are one of the places where isolation is reflected, Tülay said: “With the pressures of this regime, prisons have been turned into a torture center. Whenever the pressure outside increases, its repercussions on prisons increase threefold. One of the most basic problems in prisons; Their right to visit is denied, Mr. Öcalan and his accompanying detainees are not allowed to meet with their families and lawyers. This does not even exist in the law of war. This situation goes beyond the law of war. Illegal acts such as executions, burnings and mutilation searches occur in prisons. Today's closure case against HDP and the criminalization of our democratic politics are directly related to isolation. In total, there is a very intense demand from the political movement and the families of political prisoners detained in prison. Combining all these, we plan to run a campaign in the coming period, the details of which we have not discussed sufficiently, but as soon as we complete our conferences. The main purpose of our campaign is; "Breaking the isolation and ensuring Mr. Öcalan's physical freedom."
The campaign will start in the coming days
Stating that the government has made a new execution regulation but its content is still unclear, Tülay added: “When the previous execution regulations came to the parliament, we stated that political prisoners should not be excluded from the scope. It is very important that an amnesty covering politicians be brought to the agenda in the new era of the Republic. These are very important and progress must be made in order to pave the way for social peace and to open the doors of democratization in Turkey in the second century of the Republic. Removing the pressure on Mr. Öcalan means opening the doors to an honorable peace line on the Kurdish issue through dialogue and peace. Moreover, the end of the conflicts in Turkey means that Turkey will take on another role in the war in Rojava. There is a great deadlock in Rojava, and we see the reason for this is the lack of solution to the Kurdish issue carried out by the government in Turkey. The solution to the Kurdish problem means breaking peace in Türkiye and the Middle East. We will start this campaign by bringing together all the necessary combinations.”
'A part of the struggle line will be parliament and the other will be the street'
Tülay emphasized that the AKP won the elections by mobilizing state institutions and that, looking at the results, the AKP was trying to establish an ideological hegemony in the new period and make the existing regime permanent, and said, "This election showed us that; Half the country is against this current regime. It is very important for people who are against the regime to form the broadest alliance on a democratic basis. As the Green Left Party; In the coming period, we are determined to develop a line of struggle against fascism with all political subjects and social dynamics in Turkey. Our decisions that will emerge at our conference will point to these. We will finalize our decisions at this conference. In the coming period, we will wage a strong line of struggle against fascism on a united, democratic basis. This line of struggle includes all the dynamic forces of society. "One leg of this will be the street, the public and the other leg will be the parliament."