Treasury aid measure application was not notified to HDP

  • 15:20 13 June 2023
  • News
ANKARA - The Court of Cassation did not notify the lawyers of the party's request for an injunction on treasury aid, citing that HDP did not participate in the elections.
 Citing that the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) did not participate in the May 14 elections, the Supreme Court of Appeals Chief Public Prosecutor's Office requested the Constitutional Court (AYM) to take a measure of 400 million lira in Treasury aid. It was stated that this request was not legally communicated to the HDP and the lawyers. The lawyers, who learned the demand of the Chief Prosecutor regarding the Treasury aid from the government press, noted that there was no development yet regarding the HDP's closure case.
What happened?
In the closure case, in which the criminal case procedure was followed, upon the request of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office of the Supreme Court, it was decided to block the accounts of HDP with Treasury aid on 5 January. HDP's request for the annulment of this decision was handled by the General Assembly of the Constitutional Court in March.
The delegation, by a majority of votes, lifted the decision to block the party's accounts with Treasury aid as a precaution. According to the legislation, 539 million TL of Treasury aid was to be given to HDP this year, 179 million of which was until January 10.