Hang the 'Justice' banner in the Parliament

  • 14:33 5 June 2023
  • News
RIHA - Ferit Şenyaşar, of the Justice Watch, stated that if the new minister does not fulfill his responsibility, they will hang their banners with the words "justice" in the Parliament.
Emine Şenyaşar, who her husband were murdered by the bodyguard and relatives of former AKP Deputy İbrahim Halil Yıldız in Pirsûs (Suruç) district of Riha (Urfa) on 14 June 2018, and her son Ferit Şenyaşar, who survived the attacks, on 9 March 2021, at the Urfa Courthouse. The Justice Watch action that he started in front of him continues on the 805th day.
Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar, who came to the front of the Urfa Courthouse from their house in Pirsûs, started to watch in the area called "Şenyaşar family justice corner". The family, who hung a banner reading "Justice for the Şenyaşar family" on the concrete barriers in front of the courthouse, gave information to the citizens who went to the courthouse about what happened.
If justice does not come, the banner will be hung in the parliament
Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) Riha Deputy Ferit Şenyaşar stated that he continued his fight for justice in Ankara and came to the courthouse today to support his mother. Ferit said, “From now on, I will continue our struggle for justice in Ankara. The mother will continue to watch in front of the courthouse until justice comes. Yesterday the Minister of Justice changed. Yılmaz Tunç was elected as the new Minister of Justice. Our call; Don't accept congratulations, there is a general injustice in the country. There is the law of the superiors in Turkey, the biggest of these injustices occurs in front of the Urfa Courthouse. All the officials we spoke to before said, 'The truth will come out when the time comes."