The people of Maxmur have been resisting for 16 days

  • 12:15 4 June 2023
  • News
NEWS CENTER - The resistance developed by the people of Maxmur against the Iraqi army's attempts to blockade with wire mesh and watchtowers continues on its 16th day.
Since May 20, the Iraqi army has been digging trenches, wire fences and building watchtowers around the Martyr Rüstem Cudi Refugee Camp (Maxmûr). The resistance of the people of Maxmur Camp against these attempts of the army has been continuing for 16 days without interruption.
Resistance to the blockade continues
Although the Iraqi army's systematic attack, which limits the living spaces of the people and tries to establish control in the region by blockading, persists, the people of Maxmur continue to resist day and night with the strength they have gained from all these attempts against all these attempts.
A youth was injured
The Iraqi army met with resistance from the people of the camp after it fired directly on the people of Maxmur on May 20. A young man named Ahmet Emer Mijini was injured and taken to the hospital as a result of the Iraqi army's direct fire on civilians.