'Abdullah Öcalan's freedom is the freedom of society'

  • 10:26 24 March 2023
  • News
Medya Üren-Gülistan Dursun 
AMED - The women, who showed their reaction and anger at the historic Newroz in Amed that no news has been heard from PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan for 2 years, emphasized that Abdullah Öcalan's freedom is the freedom of the society.
PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been in aggravated isolation in Imrali for 24 years, has not been heard from since his interrupted phone call with his brother Mehmet Öcalan on 25 March 2021. For Abdullah Öcalan, who was able to meet with his lawyers on August 7, 2019, the applications made by his lawyers and his family are blocked on the grounds of disciplinary penalties. While the aggravated isolation continued, the people demanded the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan at the Newroz celebrations held in 40 centers this year with the motto "Every der Newroz, every time". Women attending Amed Newroz on Tuesday noted that Abdullah Öcalan's freedom means the freedom of society.
'People gave their message in the Newroz area'
Stating that the message of the Kurdish people in the Newroz area is clear, Zeynep Tiya said, “The people who fill the area are standing on the isolation. Breaking the isolation is the demand of the people. Those who filled this field gave their message within this framework. The fascist government will go in this election. They have no other choice.”
'Let the oppression and cruelty end'
 Referring to the persecution and oppression of the Kurdish people for years, a citizen named Meymene said, “Our situation is clear. We are dying and being killed every hour of every day." Noting that the isolation has spread to the whole society, Meymene said and added “We want the prisoners in prisons to be free now. We want the oppression and persecution to end. We were also in the Newroz area for the demands of the youth and for the isolation to be lifted.”
Emphasizing that the arrests and deaths should come to an end, a citizen named Kadriye said, “We don't want our children to die anymore. Now we think that an environment of peace should be established.”
'We will break the isolation'
 Feride Gündem, on the other hand, stated that all the prisoners and the public are under isolation. “I believe that with the next election, all of our people will be freed and the prisoners will be released from prison. The demand of the crowd filling the space is peace. With the election, we will break the isolation," Feride said.
'Abdullah Öcalan come to Amed Newroz'
Saying, "I believe we will win," Emine Okşamak said, "We want Abdullah Öcalan and political prisoners to be released and Abdullah Öcalan to come to Amed Newroz."
 Year of freedom
 Commenting that the election will be a new solution to the Kurdish and Turkish people who are under pressure, Leyla Kale said: “I believe we will see good days. We hope that the doors of the prisons will be opened and the prisoners will be freed. We hope that it will be a year of freedom for political prisoners, Abdullah Öcalan and Demirtaş. Abdullah Öcalan's freedom is the freedom of society."