Labor and Freedom Alliance will not nominate a presidential candidate

  • 13:29 22 March 2023
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Melek Avcı
ANKARA - Labor and Freedom Alliance declared that it will not nominate a presidential candidate in the elections to be held on 14 May.
 Labor and Freedom Alliance announced its stance towards the presidential elections at a press conference to be held at the World Trade Center. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan, Mithat Sancar, Green Left Party Co-Spokesperson İbrahim Akın, Labor and Freedom Alliance components EMEP Chairman Ercüment Akdeniz, Turkish Workers Party (TİP) Chairman Erkan Baş, EHP Hakan Öztürk, Socialist Assemblies Federation (SMF) Spokesperson Barış Kayaoğlu, Social Freedom Party (TOP) Juliana Gözen, Kurdistani Alliance Human and Freedom Party Chairman Mehmet Kamaç, Kurdistan Democratic Party-Turkey Chairman Mehmet Emin Kardaş attended the meeting.
 HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan made the joint statement on behalf of the alliance.
AKP's demolition policies
 Pervin said: “We had a discussion for a long time, we had declared that we would nominate our candidate before the earthquake, but after the changing conditions, we reviewed our decision in the discussions we had with our alliances and boards. Today, we share our decision and stance with the public. Less than two months are left for one of the most critical elections in Turkey's history. We are passing through a historical moment that will determine the future of the country and society. On the threshold of the second century of the republic, the 13th President of the country will be elected and the parliament will be reconstituted. The economic and social policies implemented by the AKP government in the last 21 years have created a great destruction in all areas of life; practices that restrict freedoms, based on oppression and unlawfulness, knew no bounds. The multiple problems we experience, the deadlock and the severe depression deepen day by day. The AKP-MHP government has stolen the society's present and threatens its future.
The basic need is a strong democracy
 This political power, which has collapsed into the country like a nightmare, has spread the one-man rule to every inch of the country by applying all kinds of domination practices. The “Presidential Government System” leaves the people of Turkey breathless. Turkey's most basic need is a real and strong democracy based on the sovereignty of the people. We want a system in which universal rights and freedoms are recognized and constitutionally guaranteed, democratic legal principles are valid, and social and economic rights come to life. It is not possible to achieve this goal without a strong local democracy in which local participation mechanisms operate.
The Labor and Freedom Alliance is the spokesperson for the demands of the working people and all the oppressed. As a country and society, we will wake up to the morning of May 15 with hope. The days when the forces that will bring about the democratic change gain the majority in the parliament, the Parliament is seen as the main will for a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, all the interlocutors can have a free discussion on the axis of a transparent dialogue, and the citizens will establish an equal, free and peaceful future. It is the longing and demand of our people. The Labor and Freedom Alliance is the spokesperson for the demands of the working people and all the oppressed. It is the power of democratic change and the will to build. It is the sole representative and guarantor of the rights of our peoples. It is the address of the struggle against the plunder of nature. It is the assurance of the free life of young people. It is the key to Turkey's future meeting with democracy.
We are the real alternative
 As the Labor and Freedom Alliance, we will establish a women's libertarian life. We will never allow women to be ignored. We are the guarantee of tomorrow where women will be equal and free in all areas of life. We are the strongest advocates for women to be subjects in politics with the principle of equal representation. Our alliance will re-enforce the Istanbul Convention and will fight with all its might to secure all the gains of women constitutionally. And we are determined to reach the days when the democratic sovereignty of the peoples of Turkey is established, with our decades of struggle, experience and foresight. The way for Turkey's democratization is through the acquisition of an important power by those who insist on labor, justice and peace in the Parliament, and those who will realize democratic change and transformation, namely us. We are the real alternative to our people who are being squeezed between the one-man system and restoration.
We will not nominate
 We will fulfil our historical responsibility towards the one-man rule in the presidential elections. We are determined to hold accountable those responsible for the great destruction from this government, which has maintained an administration based on poverty, corruption, plunder and rent, for the realization of democracy, fundamental rights and freedoms, and social justice in the country. For these reasons, we declare with the public that we will not nominate candidates in the Presidential elections, and we share this decision. A political system that will improve the working and living conditions of the people, ensure justice in public administration, gender equality, respect for nature, free life for young people, a peaceful foreign policy, an impartial and independent judiciary, emancipated identities, and most importantly, a democratic constitution that includes all these. Building the climate is our immediate goal and reason for struggle.
Our decision matters
Turkey's aim is not to conflict but to reconcile by applying common sense; It needs to produce permanent, realistic and inclusive solutions to our social and political problems. A person who polarizes the society, creates tension, creates internal and external enemies, increases the unrest, and ignores the demands and aspirations of millions of citizens will not have a chance to win. The way to walk towards a bright future and build political democracy together is to increase the struggle and hope, to take steps for a new life with courage, and to defend and implement policies that will meet the aspirations and needs of the society with determination. That is why we say that this decision is important. We send our love and respect to everyone. May it be easy for all of us and our way be open.”