Amed Newroz: Solution 3rd way

  • 14:02 21 March 2023
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AMED - Amed Newroz continues with the speeches of the participants. In the speeches demanding the freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, the importance of the Third Way was highlighted, and the emphasis was "We are right, we will win".
This year, the finale of the Newroz celebrations, which are dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Mereş-centered earthquakes and held in 42 centers with the motto " Her dem Newroz, her der azadî", takes place in Amed. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and the Greens and the Left Future in the area where the slogans "Bijî Serok Apo", "Bê Serok jiyan nabe", "We will win by resisting", "Greetings to Imrali", "PKK is the people, the people are here." Party (Green Left Party) pennants and flags with "Newroz" written on them are waving in the hands. The people also celebrate the birthday of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan with the slogans "Rojbuna te piroz ey Serok Apo.”
In Amed Newroz, where great enthusiasm prevails, the density of women and youth draws attention. In the area where the police built a double barrier and a 3-meter wire fence, the youth did not recognize this obstacle and lowered the wire fences. While trying to suppress the slogans of "Bijî Serok Apo" rising from the area by interfering with the sound system, the crowd echoes their slogans in a loud voice throughout the whole area.
The people responded with whistles, applause and slogans at the opening of the celebrations with the message " Newroz pîroz be." While the entrances to the area where tens of thousands of people continue, the people celebrate Newroz with their songs. Taking their place in the arena with their colorful outfits, the women draw attention to the women's struggle with the slogan "Jin, jiyan, azadi.”
'We will turn darkness into light'
HDP Amed Provincial Co-chair Gülistan Atasoy spoke first in the program, which started with a minute of silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the struggle for democracy and freedom. Gulistan said "Hello" in every language and said "Newroz piroz be." The people celebrated Newroz with the slogans of “Bijî Newroz.” Gülistan celebrated the Newroz of all Kurdish people in the person of Kemal Kurkut and Deniz Poyraz. Gülistan said, “Today, we are in the Newroz areas with our pain inside, our anger in our hearts and our rebellion in our language. We moved to Newroz from March 8, saying that our mourning is our reason for struggle. We will conclude our march, which started on Newroz Day, with victory on 14 May. This is the Newroz square in Amed, which is making this great promise, and this historical square heralds it today. We have paid a great price and suffered a lot, but now it is time to turn darkness into light. The 21st century will be the century of revolutionary Kawa's children. It will be the century when the peoples of the entire Middle East, Turkey and Kurdistan will gain their freedom.”
'We are right, we will win'
Gülistan continued as follows: “Just as we have held accountable for this disastrous system and governments until now, we will continue to hold them accountable from now on. We will continue to hold fascism to account. We will continue to fight against oppression and oppression, and we will continue to protect our language, culture and identity. We are calling out once again to the sovereigns who ignore our just struggle. We have never kneeled before you, and we never will. We are right, we will win. An serkeftin, an serkeftin. An azadi, an azadi."
'Down with fascism'
Speaking afterwards, Kurdish politician Ahmet Türk congratulated the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East, and said that the Newroz fire lit by the Kawas and the oppressed continues to grow. Ahmet also commemorated those who lost their lives in the earthquakes and added, "Condolences to all our people." Ahmet said, “Today is an important day that expresses the resurrection of the Kurdish people. Newroz is freedom. We celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Today, we take the struggle to overthrow fascism as a fundamental stance. We call it fascism. We will enlarge the people's struggle against fascism. We are determined to expand the struggle with you to overthrow fascism and establish a democratic republic in the upcoming elections. This year will be the year of Mr. Öcalan's freedom. It will be the year to destroy oppressive understandings.” Greeting the imprisoned Kurdish politicians, Ahmet said, "We will hold accountability," emphasizing that the freedom of all politicians is close.”
After the speeches, the Newroz fire was lit, accompanied by the slogans of "Newroz be piroz."
'We will hold the account on behalf of our people'
After the Newroz fire was lit, Green Left Party Co-Spokesperson Çiğdem Kılıçgün Uçar saluted the people and celebrated the Newroz of all people. Çiğdem said, “May our Newroz be an occasion for a free future with the flavor of Newroz. Today, the eyes and ears of many of our comrades and friends in exile, everyone around the world, are on the Amed Newroz, and everyone's hearts are here today. Here we celebrate the Newroz of all of them. Happy Newroz to all women who resist male domination and male state violence. We greet our Newroz this year with great sadness and mourning due to the earthquake. On this occasion, I once again commemorate all those who lost their lives here. We will send those who deserve death to the people. We will hold the account on behalf of our people who lost their lives and were victimized in the earthquake, we will settle accounts.”
'Newroz is actually a will for a solution'
Çiğdem finally said, “There is one more thing that the earthquake taught us. We have raised hopes, there is social solidarity despite all obstacles. There is a union that knows no borders. We are implementing the third way policy against the AKP policy, and we will. You are the interlocutors of the 'Third Way' against the government, which rejects our 'Third Way', which we call the Labor and Freedom Alliance, in all areas of struggle. Newroz is actually a will for a solution. Right here on this stage, all the peoples of Turkey and we believed in the resolution declaration submitted by Mr. Öcalan in 2013 that this problem could be solved. For this, we did our part. However, this solution was ignored by AKP politics. We can still do this, we can implement this solution.”
 The Newroz program continues with the performance of the Rap Music Group.